About Us

Sugar Bush Goat Ranch

Welcome to our world of myotonic fainting goats! Every business has a beginning, and we are in our 5th year of operation. We value the wisdom and guidance of other MGR breeders who have been so generous in time and talent as we start our goat ranch.

We raise and sell MGR registered goats only. Pet, Breeding and Show Quality.  Goats are herd animals.

Our Story

The name Sugar Bush Goat Ranch is derived from the combination of:

1) My mom was born at home in Sugar Bush (near Strawberry Lake)

2) Goat Ranch Cemetery where many of my family members are laid to rest (Auran Finnish Cemetery is the proper name). It is located on Goat Ranch Road which is dubbed from the large goat farms settlers established in the early days.

Ironically, the first goat I purchased was from Roxy, owner of Big Wheel Ranch Fainting Goats, located in this very area.

Throw in the fact that my property on Highland Drive has many Maple Trees, also known as Sugar Bushes, and my ranch name was set.

Our first born doeling was named Saima in honor of my maternal grandmother.

On April 7, 2017 at 8:36 AM C2330 Big Wheel Ranch Fainting Goats Mystery BWR gave birth to a solid black polled doeling weighing four pounds (sire: C3006 Wallace's Crazy Acres Stone Cold Yankee MK2). She was the first born kid on the ranch and came out breech and not breathing. Thanks to prior research and quick thinking I was able to revive her...thus our history has begun!