Breeding Schedule

C3006 Wallace's Crazy Acres Stone Cold Yankee MK2 bred to the following:

C2330 Big Wheel Ranch Fainting Goats "Mystery" due March 24, 2018

C5287 Acres of Fun Avery AFF due April 7, 2018

C8114 Acres of Fun Manda Panda AFF due April 12, 2018 (rebred to Acres of Fun Chesney due May 12, 2018)

C7454 Acres of Fun Maya AFF due April 22, 2018


C8103 Acres of Fun Chesney bred to the following:

C7910 Riverside Fainters Kacee Jo CRK ...

Twins born March 9, 2018 - Black Moon Spotted Polled Doeling 3.2# (and a still born buckling).

D0807 Jamcin's Bobbi Jo Blue HDF due March 27, 2018

C8190 Whispering Acres Summer's Moon HDF due March 27, 2018

C8191 Whispering Acres Junes Marley HDF due May 14, 2018